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Laboratory/ Pilot scale spray drying services

We currently have three spray dryers available for testing. 

Evaporation rates range from 1-30 kg/hr.

Over 30 years of experience in R&D, toll processing, and process development.

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Laboratory / pilot scale spray drying

Research and Development

Proof of concept

Contract Manufacturing

Toll processing

Closed loop inert atmosphere

Spray dryer sales 

Typical products




Surface modification

Fermentation products

Inorganic chemicals

Organic chemicals


Plasma spraying

3-D printing

*Our facility is not certified to work with food products

Spray dryers

Hemraj Lab 1 Glass spray dryer

Typical evaporation rate 1-2 kg/hr

Two fluid nozzle atomization

Can be adapted to operate with a closed loop, inert atmosphere

Anhydro S-1 spray dryer

Typical evaporation rate 2-5 kg/hr.

Two fluid nozzle or rotary atomization

Bowen Laboratory Tower

Typical evaporation rate 10-30 kg/hr.

Two fluid nozzle atomization (fountain or roof mount)

Two point product collection

Spray dryer sales

Hemraj Enterprises

Arch Spray Drying Services represents Hemraj Enterprises in the sale of their line of laboratory and pilot scale spray dryers in the US and Canada. We have one of their Lab 1 Glass spray dryers installed at our facility and is available for demonstration. 

More information can be found at the Hemraj Enterprises web site:

Hemraj Lab 1 spray drying

Brief video of our Hemraj Lab 1 spray dryer in operation.

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